What B2B Networking is Really About

Category: Sales

Written by: Jessica Hicks


Have you ever attended a networking event or trade show that just felt like a bunch of business professionals spewing word vomit all over you? You know the eager, overzealous, self-fulfilling professional that only cares about their own business? Or maybe you were on LinkedIn and deleted a connection because you just couldn’t take seeing their self-centered videos or messages hit your inbox any longer.

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Nurturing leads is a vital tactic to use to help guide your leads down the funnel as they go through the buying process. Lead nurturing is all about building a relationship with your leads and making them feel comfortable with your brand before ever asking for the sale.

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A lot of discussion around inbound marketing makes it seem like advertising has no place in a digital world. While we’re excited to see business owners realize the importance of offering value to visitors before trying for a hard sale (the whole premise of inbound), digital ads do have a part to play in growing your business and initiating the inbound marketing process. To show what we mean, we’re sharing about three brands that excel when it comes to digital advertising.

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If you were to stop somebody on the street, and ask them what they thought a software developer did every day, you’d probably get answers like these:

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